Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Cabinet of DR Caligari


  1. Hey Ilmi! This is really nice but there are a few little tweaks that would make it a better read. First off...the requirements of the brief say 3 quotes from 3 different published sources but you only have 2. If you're fed up of looking at online reviews there are books on google books that have some great writing about 'Caligari' to quote from :)

    Also, I couldn't help noticing that at points you seem to be mixing up between your tenses or missing out words. The end of the 2nd paragraph is one example 'the film is about delusion, murder and psychotic man but..' is this meant to be psychotic men or a psychotic man.

  2. Bestest creative partner ever B) thanks for looking over my review ill make the adjustments. been doing a couple of all nighters this is just the side effects lol