Wednesday, 14 December 2011

@Phil Unit 2 Essay

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  1. Hey Ilmi - you're missing a bit of important content: you need to give a definition of 'production design' and 'visual concept' in film in general, before commencing your specific analysis of the film; remember, in written assignments, you always need to give definitions of special terms or technical vocabulary within the bounds of the assignment itself - i.e. you write your assignment for a reader who is not me (or you), but rather a reader who is coming to the subject area completely cold; therefore you need to ensure your essay has everything they need 'within it' by which to understand and follow the discussion effortlessly. You'll need to include this intention in your introduction, and then start your main body by discussing 'production design' and its role. You'll need to look at the two articles on myUCA/Space/Unit Materials for good definitions of both PD and visual concept.

    Also - just watch your capitalisation - you've got Avatar in there without a capital letter etc. Also make sure you put your film titles in italics to distinguish them from the surrounding text - and when you refer to other movies (i.e. Dances with Wolves) you need to give the release date and director too - in brackets, perhaps).