Friday, 23 March 2012


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  1. Nice morph from the ball to the paper airplane. If I might give some insight, however: The ball seems to make a straight, diagonal transition from off-screen to the floor and there doesn't seem to be much bounce. All the frames are evenly spaced out.

    Remember that animation workshop session where Meg talked to us about spacing out our frames from a slow start to a slow ending? She drew a diagram on the board that was something along the lines of:


    Each verticle line represents a frame. Your bounce is something more along the lines of:


    For a bounce to work, there should be a slowed-down hanging point in the air, then a swift fall down then slowed down once again as it bounces. Hopefully this all makes sense. x_X

    However, the attempt with the dog walk was very nice!It's something very complex to take on this early on in 2D animation. Try to look at more references for such movements, too. It really helps!