Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OGR Part 2

Online Green Light Revew

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  1. OGR 20/03/2012

    Evening Ilmi,

    Okay - I'm liking some of those dog x couch drawings; that's exactly the kind of approach you need to find ways to map 'credible' behaviour onto inanimate objects. However, you really don't want to get into drawing 2 human characters - and animating them proficiently - in addition to animating a very challenging quadruped. Trust me on this! Your emphasis needs to be on that hyper-active chaise-longue, and your story needs to serve it economically. The idea, however, that the addition of a ball awakens the hyper-activity in the chaise-longue is nice, but I really don't think you need any people in this scenario. For example, couldn't you have it so we're shown a chaise-longue beside a rather grand-looking window. As sound effects, we here the sound of children playing football (or probably cricket, considering the class associations of a 'chaise-longue' - or even a croquet) - and suddenly, with smash of glass, a ball comes in through the window, bounces on the floor, and so the action with your dog-like piece of furniture begins. I want you to think very imaginatively about the 'hyper-active' sequence; take a look at this animation as an example:


    Your chaise-longue could gallop across great expanses of white space, it could tumble and free-fall, it could spin and jump through hoops that just suddenly appear out of nowhere, as it chases the ball - don't be afraid to really push this sequence, because that's watch animation allows.

    In regard to your Act 3, admittedly, without the psychiatrist you don't quite have an ending, but I could see how Act 3 could set up a bit of a loop; so after the hyper-active sequence, we're returned to the same sitting room, only this time one of the windows is boarded up; from outside we here the sound of another match being played, and then crash, another ball comes through and we just see the chaise longue bounce into life and then you finish...

    Short answer is 'Don't draw 2 human characters' - find a way to engineer your story without them!