Friday, 27 September 2013

Minor Project- Exploring Ideas

Minor Project Idea-

The type of project ill be doing for my minor is a character design one. Based on the feed back I received on Adaptation last year I feel like I should use this project to improve on my concepts , designing, developing and strengthening ideas rather then just having one idea and going ahead with it, I feel though that's where my weakness lies.

My influence is based on a book I came across in the summer by Ishmeal Beah " A Long Way Gone" its a true story about him as a 12 year old boy from Sierra Leone who's village is attacked my rebels while he is away with friends. On his return he finds his village destroyed, most of his family and friends killed, some captured and some on the run. This book talks about his journey to becoming a child soldier.

The outcome of this project is to create a character based on him as a boy soldier. I want to achieve some kind of emotion from the final piece, his loss of innocence and hope. As well as wanting to improve on designing I will also like to better my modelling, texturing and lighting skills because that was something I struggled with last year when I gave myself the task of doing and set and a character design.

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